About us

Our Approach

OrigiNations believes in the potential of indigenous youth and elders to become powerful agents of change for their communities. Tapping into the communities’ capacities and cultural assets by combining the creativity, restlessness and courage of the young with the experience and historical memory of the elders, processes of deep reflection and search for solutions can be started.

Through a series of immersion workshops, excursions, and practical field exercises appealing to a variety of talents and interests, youth and elders find a space to debate issues of concern to them, document their traditional knowledge and develop strategies to protect their cultural and natural heritage.

Among the results of this work are 3D maps, innovative educational materials such as comics, theater presentations, the documentation of medicinal plants or the establishment of cultural centers.

During these workshops, local facilitators are trained to start involving more communities, generating a multiplying effect that enables youth to reach beyond their localities or national borders.