Core Ideas of our Work

  • Self-Determination: Our partners on the ground decide on the design and duration of the projects and carry them through.
  • Autonomy: We support the strengthening of local capacities to reduce dependency on outside actors.
  • Appropriation: We strive for local appropriation of the process. Our interventions are thus punctual and low-profile.
  • Sustainability: Our projects aim to provoke lasting changes.
  • Cultural Assets: We emphasize positive assets of the community, not grievance-centered dynamics or victimization.
  • Visions for the Future: We believe cultures are steadily evolving and adapting and can be projected to the future by key stakeholders within the communities.
  • A Movement to Protect: We believe that well-informed, self-confident and committed leaders can foster a movement for the protection of their heritage and develop solutions which are at once innovative and at the same time respectful of traditional values and protective of the land.