Education initiatives

OrigiNations offers German school classes, youth groups, interested organisations, firms or networks the possibility to introduce them to the work approach of OrigiNations and hold a presentation on indigenous issues, tailor-made to the interests of the specific group. OrigiNations can also establish a direct contact to indigenous groups whom it is working with in different regions, for example for an exchange with school classes or youth groups.

OrigiNations develops longer school units of 6 or 10 lessons on indigenous topics, one of which is presented below. If you are interested in arranging a visit of us in your school or group please contact us at:

Exchange project between BaAka youth and a German school class

In 2016/2017, together with a geography teacher, OrigiNations designed a unit on the Dzanga-Sangha rainforest comprising 10 lessons. OrigiNations put the school class in touch with the indigenous youth group which OrigiNations has been working with for several years. The students not only learned about the ecosystem and flora and fauna of this biodiverse region, but also about the livelihoods and culture of the indigenous hunter-and-gatherers.

In various video messages, comics and letters both the German school class and the Central African youth group exchanged information about their lives. The German students showed a lot of appreciation and respect for the culture of the BaAka, and admired their forest skills and deep commitment to protect their natural and cultural heritage.

Comic by a German student detailing a typical day in her life

Especially the logging firms operating in the area pose severe threats to the livelihoods and culture of the indigenous population. A “mystery”, a set of 24 information cards, was developed for the German school class in order to help them grasp the issue from the perspective of the different actors on the ground and also make them aware of their responsibility as consumers of tropical wood in Europe. If you are interested in using these educational materials (in German), please contact us at:

Video message by the BaAka to the German school class:

Example letters from the German pupils to the BaAka: